The world is shaping itself into something that would have been unrecognizable just ten years ago. With astounding innovations like tactile augmented reality, self-driving cars, bio-engineered neural computer chips for our brains, and much more, it is a trustworthy statement to say that the next ten years will look nothing like the last thirty.

At the center of all this innovation, it is commonly believed that the most important technology humankind will ever create is artificial general intelligence.

This belief is a powerful concept immortalized in the popular non-fiction novel, Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the…

As we approach the Africa Special event on April 29th, we wanted our readers to fully grasp just how big this deal could be; how Cardano can actually weave it’s way into the fabrics of Sub-Saharan government, infrastructure, and — most importantly — it’s people.

This post should be read mainly as a thought experiment, where we draw out potential solutions (to current problems being faced) using Cardano’s platform, products, and applications.

We’re going to craft a world in which you will experience life as a small-hold farmer in a remote village in Ethiopia. You will be immersed with the…

If you are like me you understand that the move-fast-and-break-things approach that plagues the cryptocurrency ecosystem is detrimental to long term sustainability. The basis for my strong belief in Ergo and Cardano comes from their approach to code implementation: research twice, implement once.

Charles Hoskinson once said he believes Ergo to be a top 10 cryptocurrency project. The community surrounding Ergo have been hanging on to that statement ever since. Today we hash out perspectives as to why that is possible and why a multi-billion dollar Ergo might be right around the corner.

The Ethereum Miners Perspective

It’s no surprise that the implications of…

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